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New prestigious order for the Maxi Dolphin boatyard in Erbusco (Brescia). A 48-ft tender boat designed by Nauta Yachts joins the MD75by MILLS, which is being built at the boatyard. An enrichment andenhancement of the boatyard’s experience in the field of motor yachts.

The idea behind the Nauta 48-ft-tender project is a fast support yacht as connectionfor a superyacht of major dimensions; it features a soft and continuous fender line for protection, facilitating the docking at the mother boat.
The exterior design has been inspired by an aesthetic appeal recalling work boats. The tender actually appears to be a patrol boat – yet, distinguished by elegant lines that are in perfect harmony with the essence of a virtually navy and likewise handy boat.
The cockpit has been designed for living the sea day by day. It has two large stern sun decks and two adjoining, symmetrically arranged living spaces in the hard-top protected area stretching around some small tables, which can be lowered to create additional sun-protected relaxing spaces. This area is directly connected to the efficient and cutting-edge bridge with front glazing enabling high visibility even in case of night-time navigation.
The below-deck layout provides a comfortable master cabin at bow with en-suite bathroom, a kitchen as well as a sailor/guest cabin with private services. The both elegant and cosy style has been enhanced by the use of distinctive materials such as resin-bonded laminated linen for dunnage and ceilings, and for kitchen and bath tops.
Motorisation consisting of two 600-HP Cummins engines with Rolls Royce Kamewawaterjets has been designed for high cruise speeds (max. 38 knots) along with remarkable navigation autonomy; by this way, the 48-ft tender is able to continuously follow the mother boat on long cruises.
The yacht will be ready to be launched in summer 2018.

Technical data

Overall length (stern platform included) 14.62 m
Waterline length 12.65 m
Max. beam 4.38 m
Immersione massima ca. 0.83 m
Displacement 16 ton
Materials – hull: E-glass SPRINT
– deck and deckhouse: Carbon SPRINT
Motorisation two 600-HP Cummins QSC 8.3 engines; Rolls Royce Kamewa waterjets
Cruise speed max. 38 knots
Homologation max. 12 people on board
General concept, exterior and interior design Nauta Design Project
Systems and plants project Maxi Dolphin
Building Maxi Dolphin

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