FARR YACHT DESIGN Founded by the New Zealander Bruce Farr and by Russel Bowler in 1981 as Bruce Farr & Associates, Farr Yacht Design has a very long list of innovative projects in its portfolio.

Bruce Farr, who designed the first boat when he was only 13 years old (it was a centre-board, a Moth), signed moreover Kiwi Magic, the 12 meter International, the first challenger from New Zealand at the America's Cup in 1987, and Farr40, a very successful Owner/Driver Class. Among the victories of the projects by Farr, are those at the Whitbread Round the World Race, now Volvo Ocean Race, a race for which Farr Yacht Design designed the Volvo Ocean 65 monotype. Many are also the cruising yachts designed for the most renowned international boatyards. They are 1200 projects in all, which came out from the studio in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.