FINOT CONQ The French studio Finot-Conq, with its main offices in Vannes, Brittany, pursues and supports the activities of the Groupe Finot founded in 1973 by Jean-Marie Finot, in the development of new racing and cruising yachts projects in the pursuit of continuous innovation and research.

Therefore, while Jean-Marie Finot and the Groupe Finot team mainly focuses on research and on various projects such as those concerning floating houses and centreboards, Pascal Conq’s work is targeted on the development of new hulls. Many are the projects signed by Finot-Conq, all of them in the pursuit of the maximum lightness and top performance, thanks to underwater hulls representing real design breakthroughs. The ability to transfer the philosophy of ocean racing boats to cruising yachts is one of the secrets of this design studio.