Designed by Bruce Farr, this 73 feet (22,30 m) long maxi, launched in 1988, is the first boat by Maxi Dolphin

This yacht, whose construction was taken care of by Ettore Santarelli, carries the distinguishing traits of all the projects accomplished by the boatyard founded by Vittorio Moretti: the use of the most advanced composites and innovative technologies. Carmen di Bellavista is built over a male mould using skins of kevlar and carbon fiber as well as variable-density Airex for the sandwich core. Once completed the lamination, a particular glass and epoxy resin structure, developed by the English company SP System and separately built, was placed inside the shell. This structure made up the frame of the hull and the coupling points of the chain plates, providing support elements for the engine and the keel as well. The deck of Carmen di Bellavista was also made of kevlar and carbon fiber sandwich with Airex core.

Overall length: 22.30 m
Maximum beam: 5.00 m
Draft: 3.20 m
Displacement: 22.163 t
Ballast: 13 t
Guest cabins: 4
Designer: Bruce Farr
Interior design: MaxiDolphin
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