The Maxi Dolphin MD 75 is a project by Tripp Design, conceived for a boat owner who required a boat combining ocean sailings and regattas with great comforts and performances

This was the starting point for Bella Pita (now Blackbird), built by Maxi Dolphin in pre-preg and composites and launched in 2008. The project is the fruit of the comparison with the reference boat class for the racers. The box rule of the Transpac 65 hulls, optimized not only for offshore but for buoy regattas as well. Their displacement/length ratio, the DLR (displacement length ratio) is 62, but aboard a Transapac no comforts are provided: Everything is aimed at performances. Yet Bella Pita, whose DLR is 72, hence very close to a Transpac 65, offers all the comforts of the interiors; here Maxi Dolphin craftsmen have poured their expertise and skills in creating welcoming environments, which makes Bella Pita not only a powerful racer, but also a yacht to be fully enjoyed.

Overall length: 23.00 m
Waterline length: 20.80 m
Maximum beam: 5.00 m
Draft: 2.90/4.40 m
Displacement: 22 t
Total sail surface: 290 sqm
Guest cabins: 43
Designer: Bill Tripp
Interior design: MaxiDolphin