Only Lu, the first of the Maxi Dolphin semi-customs MD65 by Luca Brenta, was launched in 2002; for the construction in advanced composites, a particular lamination technology, developed in the boatyard in cooperation with the company Trimarine, was applied on a male mould

Leaving untouched the design choices concerning rigging, equipment and plants, as well as teak deck, a specialty of Maxi Dolphin’s craftsmen, the interiors of each single yacht were developed according to the boat owner’s requirements. Therefore on Only Lu the interior design is very linear and simple, with clear timbers and white leather upholstery for couches and seats; it includes the boat owner cabin, at prow, with two beds on the sides, the central living room with the dining area, the kitchen and the chart table. At the stern, two cabins with low twin beds. All cabins are provided with private bathroom. The crew cabin is located at the extreme prow. On the deck, riggings under the sign of easy sailing, large free spaces and a wide cockpit conceived for the guests, at prow of the two steering wheel posts.

Overall length: 20.01 m
Maximum beam: 5.27 m
Draft: 3.60 m
Displacement: 17.97 t
Ballast: 6 t
Guest cabins: 4
Designer: Luca Brenta
Interior design: MaxiDolphin