A 65 ft sailing yacht, with underwater hull and outside layout featuring modern lines; very comfortable and with high performances

This is the distinguishing mix of Luca Brenta’s project for Maxi Dolphin; a project which resulted in five yachts with different interior layouts, based on a general scheme of three double cabins, a large living room and the separate quarter for the crew. For the Maxi Dolphin MD65 by Luca Brenta, the boatyard chose the CoreCell core sandwich construction and epoxy pre-preg composite materials, carbon fibers, glass fiber, kevlar and post-bake in the boatyard's modular oven. The hull is built over a male mould, with the structural elements already inserted, in order to make the mounting of the bulkheads, pre-built on moulds easier. The elements making up the inside compartmentalization, assembled on flexible couplings, were then fitted on the structural elements.

Overall length: 20.01 m
Maximum beam: 5.27 m
Draft: 3.60 m
Displacement: 17.97 t
Ballast: 6 t
Guest cabins: 4
Designer: Luca Brenta
Interior design: MaxiDolphin