Adastra, the fifth sailing yacht of the Maxi Dolphin semi-customs MD65 by Luca Brenta, was launched in 2010 and is the proof of the potentialities arising from the union of a high-quality boatyard and an innovative designer

In fact the layout of Adastra features a ‘boat owner’ style in the arrangement of the environments, while the décor carries the hallmark of minimalism played on white and on few essential elements of dark timber. As to the interior design, the area at prow was completely innovated and features a real suite in which the double-bed is placed with the headboard towards the prow. Also the central area stands out from the other MD65. The chart table and the kitchen (connected with a crew cabin lat stern) are located in two closed rooms, separated from the living room. This way a refined living room with the dining area on the left and a long couch on the starboard side was created. At stern there is the only twin bed room intended for the guests, equipped with a large bathroom.


Overall length: 20.01 m
Maximum beam: 5.27 m
Draft: 3.60 m
Displacement: 17.97 t
Ballast: 6 t
Guest cabins: 4
Designer: Luca Brenta
Interior design: MaxiDolphin