This Privacy Policy sets out how Maxi Dolphin processes personal data about clients/users/visitors using the Website.

Data controller

Responsabile e Titolare:
Maxi Dolphin di MD Technologies Srl – Via Gandhi, 9 – 25030 Erbusco (Brescia) – Italia – Partita IVA 03858920980.

The types of personal data we process

We process the personal data that you disclose to us or that the Data Controller legitimately obtains. This is how the various types of data are processed via the Website:

Website use data. The data-transmission and information systems and the software procedures deployed to operate the Website gather some personal-data items during normal usage. These items are sent to us as an inevitable result of communicating via the internet.

Website use data includes: IP addresses; the access date and time; the pages visited (URIs/URLs); the method of sending the request to the server; the server response status (numeric code); the names of the devices used to access the Website; and other parameters about your operating system and computing environment.

Data you provide voluntarily. Some sections of the Website require items of personal information, e.g. your forename, surname, contact details, town and/or country of residence, username and password.

Tracking data (cookies). Tracking entails using code executed inside the Website on both the server (e.g. services and procedures) and the client (e.g. tags and pixels), also using code installed on your browser (e.g. cookies).
For why we use tracking and how we obtain consent to do so, please see the Website Cookie Policy.

Location data. With your specific permission, the Website may collect the approximate location data provided by your IP address.

Data on content sharing on social media. The Website may include plugins and/or buttons for you to share the content on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.).

Why we process your data and how long we keep it

The Data Controller processes your personal data for specific purposes and only when a specific lawful basis applies, as laid down in current data protection and privacy law. The list below covers all the processing that Maxi Dolphin performs to enable you to use our digital channels and to allow the Data Controller to keep those channels operating correctly and ensure that data is lawfully processed.

The Data Controller processes your personal data for the following purposes, with the lawful bases and retention times stated:

a) to operate the Website, to supply the associated services (e.g. replying to messages received via the Website contact form), to sell products and services (e.g. a boat) and to monitor Website operation:

  • lawful basisfulfilling a contract to which you are a party;

  • retention: personal data is kept for as long as is necessary to provide the digital services and is then deleted or anonymised; data transmitted during goods or service purchases will be kept for a further 10 years after the purchase is completed, as permitted by law;

b) to send sales information:

  • lawful basis: your consent, which is optional and freely given and you may withdraw at any time;

  • retention: personal data is kept until you withdraw consent;

c) for profiling and profiled advertising:

  • lawful basis: your consent, which is optional and freely given and you may withdraw at any time. Please see the Website Cookie Policy;

  • retention: as stated in the above policy;

d) to prevent and stamp out any fraudulent use or abuse of the Website:

  • lawful basis: the Data Controller’s legitimate interest;

  • retention: personal data is kept for a period determined by the Data Controller and then deleted or anonymised;

e) to establish, exercise or defend one of the Data Controller’s rights in a court of law:

  • lawful basis: the Data Controller’s legitimate interest;

  • retention: the personal data is kept throughout the complaint process and/or the out-of-court or judicial proceedings until the legal safeguards and/or remedies have been exhausted.


Your personal data may be processed by third parties operating as data controllers – such as authorities and supervisory bodies, including private ones – and in general by parties, including private individuals, entitled to request the data under current national and European law.

Your personal data may also be processed on the Data Controller’s behalf by suitably trained third parties appointed as data processors.


Your data may be sent to third parties outside the EU that are part of Ferretti Group. The data may also be transferred to countries for which an adequacy decision has not been issued under GDPR article 45.3 or adequate safeguards under GDPR article 46 have not been adopted; therefore your consent is requested under GDPR article 49.

For a copy of the safeguards under GDPR article 46, please write to


You may exercise your rights under articles 15–22 of the GDPR by emailing the Data Controller at In particular, you may ask to access any data we hold about you, to have it deleted, to have it corrected if inaccurate, to add to it if incomplete, to obtain a portable extract of it, to restrict processing of it under GDPR article 18, and to object to processing in the Data Controller’s legitimate interest.

Interaction with social networks and external platforms

This type of services allows interactions with social networks, or with other external platforms, directly from the pages of this Application.
The interactions and information acquired by this Application are in any case subject to the User’s privacy settings related to each social network.
In the event that an interaction service with social networks is installed, it is possible that, even if users do not use the service, the same collects traffic data related to the pages where it is installed.
Like button and Facebook social widgets (Facebook, Inc.)
The “Like” button and Facebook social widgets are social networking services provided by Facebook, Inc.
Personal Data collected: Cookies and Usage Data.
Place of treatment: United States – Privacy Policy. Subject adhering to the Privacy Shield.


I servizi contenuti nella presente sezione permettono al Titolare del Trattamento di monitorare e analizzare i dati di traffico e servono a tener traccia del comportamento dell’Utente.
Google Analytics (Google Inc.)
Google Analytics è un servizio di analisi web fornito da Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilizza i Dati Personali raccolti allo scopo di tracciare ed esaminare l’utilizzo di questa Applicazione, compilare report e condividerli con gli altri servizi sviluppati da Google.
Google potrebbe utilizzare i Dati Personali per contestualizzare e personalizzare gli annunci del proprio network pubblicitario.
Dati Personali raccolti: Cookie e Dati di utilizzo.
Luogo del trattamento: Stati Uniti – Privacy Policy – Opt Out. Soggetto aderente al Privacy Shield.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text fragments, normally comprising letters and/or numbers, sent by a website that you visit and stored by the software (e.g. a web browser) installed on your device. Cookies are then sent back to the website when you next visit.

Cookies hold information about your visits to a website. They are a very useful technology: e.g. they facilitate the website’s operation, making it more efficient and providing helpful information to website owners. Without cookies or similar technologies, websites would have no way to remember information about their visitors, e.g. how many items you placed in your basket and whether or not you logged in.

Cookies can be classed by their:

  • duration: persistent or session cookies

  • source: first party or third party cookies

  • purpose: technicalanalytics or profiling cookies

Cookies that expire when a browser session ends (normally on closing your browser) are termed session cookies. They serve, for instance, to memorise a purchase order or for security when you access your online banking or webmail. Cookies that are stored for longer (from one session to another) are persistent; their uses include remembering your preferences and offering targeted advertising.

A cookie is first-party or third-party depending on which website or domain places the cookie. First-party cookies are installed directly by the website that you are visiting, whereas third-party cookies come from a different domain: e.g. when the website incorporates images, social-media plugins or adverts from other sites.

A cookie’s job can also be done by equivalent technologies that can identify devices and thus analyse the visits to a website. This Cookie Policy covers any technology that stores or accesses information on your device – such as HTML5 local archiving, Local Shared Objects (also called flash cookies) and fingerprinting techniques. Fingerprinting involves uniquely identifying a given device by detecting, associating or deducing various pieces of information, such as:

  • its configuration data

  • data derived from using particular network protocols

  • the use of JavaScript

  • information on HTTP headers

  • information about the clock

  • the installed fonts

  • the installed browser plugins.

These elements can be combined with other data, such as IP addresses or unique identifiers.

For the rest of this Cookie Policy, all references to cookies also include those other equivalent technologies.


Why does this website use cookies?

There are technicalanalytics and profiling cookies on this website.

Technical cookies are needed for the site to operate. They facilitate your browsing experience, e.g. by enabling you to access your account without having to log in every time or by setting your preferred language without your having to set it manually on each visit.

Technical cookies are strictly necessary, because the information in them must be saved in order to provide the services you request. Technical cookies cannot therefore be disabled. And under article 122 of the Italian Privacy Code, we do not have to seek your consent before installing them.

Analytics cookies, whether first- or third-party, collect information about website use. They provide statistics on how users access and visit the site, enabling the Data Controller to improve the structure, content and navigability. We use this information for aggregated statistical analyses to help enhance the user experience and tailor the content to users’ interests.

The website uses third-party analytics cookies with tools to protect users’ identity (e.g. by masking significant portions of the IP address). The data from these cookies is not enriched or cross-mapped with other information.

These analytics cookies are like technical cookies, in that we use them to provide you with the service. Analytics cookies cannot therefore be disabled, and we do not have to seek your consent before installing them.

Profiling cookies, whether first- or third-party, serve to track how users browse the website, to analyse their behaviour for marketing purposes, and to profile their tastes, habits and choices. This enables us, for example, to target advertising messaging based on users’ interests, in line with the preferences they exhibit when browsing.
These cookies cannot be installed on your device without your consent.

Managing your cookie preferences

When you first visit any page on the website, a banner displays a short information notice and the panel for managing your cookie preferences. You can then select/unselect cookie types as you prefer, accessing the dedicated cookie centre. Your consent to use cookies is recorded in a dedicated technical cookie.

You can also indicate your cookie preferences via your web browser settings. Nearly all browsers are configured to accept cookies automatically by default. But you can change this in your browser settings, by deleting/removing all or some cookies, blocking cookies or restricting them to certain websites.
If you disable, block or delete cookies, this can impair the operation of some functions or some parts of the website; third-party services may also be affected.

Cookie management settings are configured differently on different browsers. Here is how to change your cookie settings on several popular browsers:

If you use a different browser, please consult your user guide or online help.

Changes to this privacy policy

The Data Controller reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by giving information to Users on this page and, if possible, on this Application and, where technically and legally feasible, by sending a notification to the Users through one of the contact details held by the Owner . Please therefore consult this page regularly, referring to the date of the last change indicated at the bottom.

If the changes affect processing operations whose legal basis is consent, the Data Controller will collect the User’s consent again, if necessary.

Legal references

This Privacy Policy is drafted on the basis of multiple legislative systems, including Articles 13 and 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
Unless otherwise specified, this privacy policy applies exclusively to this Application.